The EZ Clamp reduces the risk of having sharp instruments around a newborn and also makes the umbilical cord cutting faster & safer!  The EZ Clamp is a uniquely designed umbilical cord clamp that integrates the instruments used in the delivery procedure.


The EZ Clamp for umbilical cord replaces the need for several instruments - the plastic clamps, the scissors and the hemostats. The delivery procedure becomes safe for the newborn, easy for the midwife and feels a lot better for the new parents. The EZ clamp also makes it easier to allow the new dad to cut the umbilical cord by himself, making him a proud member of the delivery process!

The EZ clamp replaces the current four step umbilical cord separation procedure with a single step that amounts to just clamping. Once the baby and the placenta are delivered, the EZ clamp requires only two simple steps - to clear the umbilical cord by pressing it lightly and then clamping the EZ clamp on the umbilical cord. The clamping is easy and quick, making the cut of the umbilical cord and the clamping of the cord simultaneously.


After clamping, the EZ Clamp will automatically separate into two parts: a baby-side clamp and a placenta-side. On the baby-side, only a white clamp is left clamping the remainder of the umbilical cord. For additional safety, the blade stays on the placenta side of the EZ Clamp and away from the newborn baby. The EZ Clamp stays on the Placenta-side, with the knife and another clamp closing it to avoid any fluid flows. 


ez clampez clamp

The benefits of the EZ Clamp:

  • Safer for everyone - The newborn baby, the mother and the medical staff in the delivery room. 
  • Easy to use even with emergency deliveries
  • Four instruments and actions combined in to one simple device!
  • Reduces the danger of Cross-Infection - The EZ camp is supplied sterile in a blister "ready to use" package.
  • Disposable - for single use. 1 per delivery.
  • Cost effective and time saving.
  • No need for a Scalpel or Scissors near the infant.


The EZ clamp is a unique device made by Kencap Ltd. and protected under copyright and patents. Watch out for fakes and other manufacturers claiming to offer the best or the original. If it is not made by Kencap, It is not the best and definitely not the original!


CAT. No. 5600 - EZ Clamp

Standard EZ Clamp - Individual Sterile blister Pack

100 units per case.

MOQ: 200 units (2 cases). 

Weight: 2.9 Kg per case.

Manufactured by Kencap Ltd. 


Guidelines for using the EZ  CLAMP for the first  time 

The EZ Clamp looks, feels, and operates exactly like the standard umbilical cord clamp that is commonly used in the delivery room. It is positioned around the umbilical cord near the baby's belly, and with a single squeeze it will automatically position one clamp on the baby side of the umbilical cord, one clamp on the placenta side, and separate the two clamps with the built-in cutting blade. For the safety of the baby, the cutting blade remains on the placenta-side clamp. Furthermore, the design is such that the blade remains shielded to minimize any possibility of cuts in further handlings of the placenta for any post delivery clinical or research purposes.


Please also read and print the instruction for use.


Want to see exactly how easy it is to use the EZ clamp for umbilical cords? See this amazingly short video to understand how easy and simple it is.


Still want to see more?

Watch this great video with a full explanation on the EZ clamp and how to use it. 


ez clamp

  • Clinical simplicity, with a one squeezes separation. 
  • Increased safety for newborn and mother.
  • No dead tissue between clamp and cutting point.
  • No scalpel, scissor, or any sharp instruments near baby.
  • Disposable, for one time use.
  • All common procedures are possible with the EZ clamp.

  Catalog         Instructions

ez clamp catalog

Care of the Umbilical Cord
A review of the evidence from 
World Health Organization

 100 individually packed & Sterile including shipment

CAT. No. 5666 EZ Clamp

€225 EURO