When to use Disposable Scissors?

11/09/2013 15:04

In many situations the use of Single Use surgical instruments is better. The reasons may vary, but the single use disposable suture scissors can be a great example of the efficacy of the single use instruments.

Single use scissors make a lot of sense when treating sutures - the sutures are gentle, the procedure is rather short and it’s very simple. However, many clinics and hospitals avoid single use instruments and scissors particularly. Here are some of the advantages of disposable scissors in the medical industry:

The disposable scissors save time, and time is money

Every suture removal procedure takes only a few minutes. Think about it - every procedure taking a few minutes of removing the sutures, requires several more minutes ot sterilize the scissors. Single use suture scissors are ready to use, sterile and low cost. The time that can be saved by switching to single use scissors is significant.

Every sterilization cycle is at least 15 minutes, and you have to transport the instruments to the sterilization facility. Imagine saving at least an hour of staff work time, every day!

Sutures can and should be cut by disposable scissors

The suture material these days is very advanced. It is better & more biocompatible. So why would we need full metal scissors used to cut materials far stronger than the sutures? To succeed in a job, you have to choose the right tools for it. In this case, single use suture removal scissors are the right tool – one per patient, packed sterile and ready to use.

Better materials, higher value and environment friendly!

The single use scissors are made of plastic and metal combination. All the materials are biocompatible and recyclable. While the low cost of reusable instruments is charming to some procurement managers, the low cost is accompanied by the higher costs of depreciation, low quality instruments and some of them are made from alloys that were never tested for biocompatibility.

The disposable surgical scissors should be the default choice, not the alternative. If you want high quality scissors – contact us for samples and see how quality single use scissors are made!