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Kenyon Industries is the home of Kencap Medical Solutions, Eardoc, Gumdoc, Headoc, Uridoc and bio-Magnetics.


Kencap Medical Solutions are designers and manufacturers of disposable and reusable medical instruments and devices. Kencap's products are made of the highest grade plastic and stainless steel.

The Products are manufactured in accordance with current GMP standards, they are CE marked and FDA registered. We, at Kencap, are dedicated to the needs of the medical industry.

Our products are of our own design and protected by international patents. Our design is a combined effort of our in-house medical and engineering expertise with our professional affiliates in the health care industry and engineering specialists.


Why Kencap is the best partner?


When manufacturing quality medical instruments for the health care industry, experience and specialties are most important. All of Kencap's Medical instruments are designed by qualified engineers and reviewed by experts in the medical field they address. Our products are made of the highest grade plastic and stainless steel in accordance with current GMP standards. All our products are CE marked, FDA registered and are sold worldwide. We have a talented & experienced team that can design & develop new products according to your needs and requirements.


Your partners for success!

Our variety of disposable medical instruments & medical devices can expand your portfolio & your variety, at competitive prices. Kencap Medical solutions offers high standards, allowing to replace reusable instruments with high quality disposable instruments in all areas of the health care industry. Kencap's Goal is to boost the disposable instruments usage in the health care industry, allowing companies & professionals to avoid second hand contamination or liability issues.



Most of our disposable instruments can withstand all types of sterilization procedures, including steam autoclaving, heat, gas, gamma radiation, ultrasonic and solution.

Operational efficiency, cost efficiency, improved accountability, inventory control, and great reduction in cross-infection risk.

Our customers

Kit assemblers and packers incorporate our products into their target specific and general purpose medical-kits. As such, our products are further distributed to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, dental and medical organizations, clinics, emergency rooms, doctors' offices, military units, public health care, etc.

Our products are sold in Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, and the north and south of America.
We are proud to list Johnson & Johnson, Medline Industries, Kendall, Hartmann ,TYCD and numerous other companies among our long-term clients.


Idea lab

Kencap Idea lab Creates and operates professional & innovative companies. Medical Device companies come to us for our broad range of expertise, our end-user understanding and our reputation for creating successful companies. We enable inventors that seek to change the way people think and live, to turn their ideas into successful companies. We are exp erts in the design, development, validation, and manufacture of new products.


Check this video for BioMagnetics - a Magnetic separation technology which makes everything easier, faster and most importantly - Better!

Do you have a good idea for a new medical product?

Kencap Idea lab offers you partnership to translate your idea to a successful new company. our proven expertise  can be harnessed to plot the most efficient, direct and profitable route from your idea to the successful company. We invest mainly in the medical devices market. We want to meet you and your team if:
  • You are an expert in your filed, but realize you need help in need experts in patents, design, development, validation, manufacture and marketing?  
  • Your technology is solving a real-world problem
  • A well defined market potential
  • Willing to invest 50% with us according to millstones


Contact us and we will respond quickly to determine if we can help transform your business vision into a profitable enterprise



Idea lab developments





11/04/2014 13:30
The CDC just released new guidelines on prevention of cross infections. Although the numbers are decreasing, there are still 200 deaths daily across the USA due to hospital infections.    To help prevent these infecitons, the CDC issued new guidelines for hospitals and also some tips for...
07/04/2014 14:48
Single use instruments have many benefits in all product cycle phases. From concept to mass production, single use instruments can save costs and time. In the healthcare industry, disposable instruments are replacing the reusable instruments. Lower costs, better functionality, increased safety and...
11/09/2013 15:04
In many situations the use of Single Use surgical instruments is better. The reasons may vary, but the single use disposable suture scissors can be a great example of the efficacy of the single use instruments. Single use scissors make a lot of sense when treating sutures - the sutures are gentle,...
01/08/2013 15:42
Why does the doctor wear single use gloves during medical inspection? Why does the medical staff wear disposable textile in the surgery room? To prevent cross infection and avoid contamination. Using Single Use instruments is the equivalent of wearing single use textile. So why are reusable...
28/04/2010 16:20
The Biopsy Punch a product for gynecological biopsy got upgraded and got a new head. The new head will make the Biopsy Punch much sharper and will improve both patient and doctor experience. The new head was a result of a constant effort by Kencap to keep its products at the top of the...